This, year, Susan H. Goldstein represents the REALTOR®Association of Sarasota and Manatee (RASM) as the 2019 President of the Commercial Investment Division (CID).

Nothing in life is more liberating than to fight for a cause larger than yourself, something that encompasses you but is not defined by your existence alone.

John McCain

“I came across this quote recently. To me, it encompasses the drive I feel every day when I think about the path that led me to a career in commercial real estate. It’s the drive that keeps us all working so diligently.”

Susan is a REALTOR® with Michael Saunders and Company Commercial and has been involved in CID for over 15 years. The commercial real estate industry plays a vital role in the success of communities where we live, work and play. Susan is passionate about supporting Sarasota and Manatee through the influence of CID.

“Commercial real estate drives community. Whether you’re closing a land sale that will stimulate housing or helping a new business launch by finding its flagship location, every one of us in commercial real estate helps grow the community at large with every transaction,” said Susan.

Learning from Experience

At an early age, Susan watched her parents engage with their community in Miami. Their political, professional and civic involvement encouraged Susan to follow in their footsteps. Born in Atlanta, Susan considers herself both a “Georgia Peach” and “Florida Orange,” with southern hospitality ingrained in her personality. Her desire to be an active participant in the world became the fuel she needed to pursue education at both Duke University and Columbia University.

After completing the necessary educational requirements for her Bachelor of Arts at Duke, she opted to take a semester abroad in London to recharge before finishing her degree.

“I could take any courses I desired and decided to explore other interests, such as art history, theater and even took a six-month advertising internship with Leo Burnett International,” said Susan. “The European continent was my teacher, and touring art museums and theaters enhanced my traditional classroom education.”

Following her London experience, she packed a backpack, bought a Eurail pass and traveled from Scandinavia to Greece and eventually landed in Israel to explore her Jewish roots.

“After returning from this amazing experience, a family friend announced that I had just experienced the ‘best years of my life.’ Somehow, at 21 years of age, I was unwilling to accept that fate,” said Susan. “That statement drove me to pack my bags and head to New York City in pursuit of an advertising career because of course, I believed the song lyrics, ‘If you could make it there, you can make it anywhere.’”

Craving change, she traded in her empire state of mind for the endless sunshine and sand that Florida’s Gulf Coast has to offer.

“I was instantly drawn to the similarities between the culture, resources, and well-designed communities that the Sarasota and Manatee counties share with the Northeast. I ultimately found my way into commercial real estate. My fulfillment in this industry comes from the daily opportunities to utilize my marketing background and strategic skills,” added Susan.

These experiences shaped the Susan’s professionalism today. Her interactions with different cultures supported her skill in working with many different clients and industry leaders. Life-changing travels aside, her greatest inspiration is her family, and three very important men in her life.

Her husband, Robert, is the Chief Executive Officer of Menorah Manor, a non-profit Senior Care Community. Susan is inspired by Robert’s commitment to care for the elderly in a dignified manner. Her eldest son, Charles, is determined to repair the world through his year-long stint in Ghana, working with a Health and Education initiative and his political campaign engagements in Georgia and Minnesota. And David, her youngest, works with Uber as a marketing expert for their “Eats” enterprise in the Eastern United States and Latin America. 

“They each represent something different to me. My husband reminds me to be compassionate, my eldest shows that change requires work, and my youngest represents entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. In reflecting on this, I realized my role in all of it – providing the venue where incredible things can happen. I can think of nothing more rewarding,” said Susan.


Susan’s hope as the 2019 CID President is to remind you of the great privilege and responsibility of commercial professionals in this area.

“Our not-so-secret weapon is the amazing talent of CID’s Board of Directors and our Committee Chairs. My goal is to empower them, to utilize their talents and our members desires to meet our mission. I will encourage new ideas and balance a respect for the past with discovery for the future. This will all be in addition to having consistent communication with our members to assess their needs. Most of all, I hope to encourage collaboration.”

This industry is only as good as the professionals who serve it. The Commercial Investment Division fosters professionalism.

“Commercial real estate is an amazing business that involves competition and cooperation. Fostering that balance is imperative for a successful marketplace. While each of us wants to “win” the new listing or engagement, as an industry I know we will work together to showcase our professional standing and our strong local expertise,” said Susan.