Invoices are now posted in your MY RASM PORTAL and are due on December 17, 2018. RASM will give you an extra 30-day grace period until 5 p.m. on January 15, 2019, before assessing a $50 late fee and the temporary suspension of REALTOR® membership services.

Portions of your dues used for lobbying purposes that are not deductible on federal income tax returns are: Florida Realtors® computes 35% or $51 of $146 dues amount and National Association of Realtors® computes 38% or $57 of $150 dues amount and RASM computes 1.5% or $3 of $200 dues amount. Please read the 2019 Florida REALTORS® Dues Billing Disclosures 

Electronic Payments Only!

If you are a member of the Global Business Council ($25) and/or the Commercial Investment Division ($50), you will also see your annual membership dues for these groups. You need to pay these separately to renew your membership in these groups.

If you DO NOT plan on renewing your Primary REALTOR® Association membership, please email or fax (941) 952-3401 a copy of your DBPR RE-11 Form.

If you are a Secondary member or a Designated Broker of our Association and you are keeping your license, but DO NOT plan on renewing your RASM membership, please email Jessica Montague stating you are terminating your Association membership.

Annual Dues are NOT paid by 5 p.m. on February 15, 2019, your REALTOR® membership will be terminated. After February 15, 2019, all RASM members who have not paid 2019 annual dues must reapply as a new member and pay the $75 reinstatement fee, a $30 processing fee to Florida REALTORS® and all amounts due at the date of termination.

If membership services are interrupted (i.e. access to the MLS) for non-payment, it may take up to 72 hours for service to be restored.

FYI: My Florida Regional MLS will bill subscribers in April 2019 for MLS or Commercial service from June 2019 through May 2020. Supra will bill ActiveKey holders in July 2019.



Florida REALTORS® PAC is an investment in your business, and your best defense against poorly designed small business, residential and commercial real estate legislation. Your investment supports pro-REALTOR® candidates, regardless of political affiliation.

What is the return on your $99 investment? Just think what would happen to the real estate market in your community if Mortgage Interest Deduction was eliminated from the tax code? Or if your clients were unable to afford the property insurance they needed to qualify for a mortgage? The time is now to come together and fight for the interests of homeowners and the real estate profession.

*Please note: Your investment is voluntary, you can edit the field with your desired amount when you enter the “pay now” segment, not in the order portion.