The Governmental Affairs Department interfaces with all local government entities on behalf of RASM members. We proactively monitor local legislation and regulatory policy for the impact it may have on private property rights and the ability to freely buy, sell and lease property.

In coordination with staff, member committees play an intricate role in the development and implementation of all Governmental Affairs programs.

Public Policy Committee:

Involve members in the political process through education, information, and grassroots involvement. (Meet Monthly)

Political Action Advisory Committee:

Conducts candidate interviews, recommends PAC contributions and support of candidates and issues, and provides information to members on those decisions. (Meets as needed)

RPAC (Realtors® Political Action Committee)

Conduct awareness campaigns, programs and activities to raise funds for the support of candidates and real estate issues. (Meet Monthly)

For more information on any of these committees or to report issues you are having with local government, please contact Governmental Affairs Director Maxwell Brandow (941-952-3410).