RASM Recommended Candidates

The RASM Political Action Advisory Committee (PAAC) works to ensure that the Voice for Real Estate® is represented among our politicians. After an intensive review process and final approval by the RASM Board of Directors, these candidates are recommended by the REALTOR® Association of Sarasota and Manatee. Hover over each picture to learn more about their campaign.

Sarasota County

Commissioner Alan Maio
Sarasota County Commissioner (District 4)

Commissioner Alan Maio

Manatee County

Commissioner Carol Whitmore
Manatee County Commissioner (District 6)

Commissioner Carol Whitmore

We encourage you to consider these candidates when voting this fall. The Primary Election is Tuesday, August 28, with early voting available between August 18 – 25. Be sure to check your voting registration information is up-to-date and check your precinct. The last day to register is July 30.

About the Selection Process

Each election cycle, the RASM Political Action Advisory Committee (a committee comprised of RASM members) identifies which local and/or state races the organization has an interest in. After much discussion and deliberation, candidates are chosen for endorsement by the committee. The RASM Board of Directors will then review all pertinent information provided by the PAAC prior to any formal recommendation by quorum vote.

The candidate selection process involves 33 RASM members in conjunction with the RASM Governmental Affairs Department. All involved during this process understand the importance of each decision and that integrity must remain the top priority. All members are required to sign a conflict of interest agreement and further required to announce anytime one should present itself. Any conflict may exclude this member from participating in the process where the conflict exists.

Contact Government Affairs Director Max Brandow at (941) 952-3410.

2018 PAAC –
Political Action Advisory Committee

Roger Piro – Chair
Bill Furst – Vice Chair
Barbara Anson
Ben Bakker
Laura Benson
Lynn Callahan
Jaymie Carter
Erick Shumway
Cori Fournier
Sherry Grooms
Geri Kenyon
Alex Krumm
Dan McLeroy
Christina Pitchford
Glo Reber
Stafford Starcher