The documents listed below are designed to assist Green Realtors in their day-to-day business lives.

The 2017 RASM Leadership Academy Class’s mission is to educate the real estate community and the public on the benefits and importance of sustainability. This website was created as part of their project to promote sustainability resources to the public.
America’s Directory of Green and Sustainable Building Products and Professional Services. Click the headline on the PDF to enter the web site.
From recycling paper to dimming the lights, every organization can find simple and cost-effective ways to minimize the impact on the environment, save energy, and become an example for members and the community on how to be more environmentally conscious.
Florida’s Public Service Commission offers a web page that shows visitors hopw they can save on their home’s energy usage, and includes a Florida Energy Savings Calculator. Visit
The latest environmentally friendly home features aren’t just good for the planet — they look great and are a huge draw for conscientious buyers, too.
Links to local, state and federal groups, companies and organizations on “Green” real estate related topics.
The Florida Solar Energy Center web site contains valuable information that will educate you on how to become energy independent. Visit
These are VISIT FLORIDA’S list of destinations, organizations and attractions that have already taken steps to minimize their impact on Florida’s environment. (Arranged by city from north to south). VISIT FLORIDA is the official marketing agency of the state.