Everybody is for Amendment 2 because Amendment 2 is for Everybody. While looking over the November 6 ballot, vote “yes” on Amendment 2 to ensure Florida remains an affordable place to live, work, and do business.

What is Amendment 2?

Simply put, Amendment 2 would keep in place a law that caps property tax increases on certain properties that do not have homestead exemptions by limiting their property tax assessment increases to no more than ten percent each year.

Some city and county staff throughout municipalities in Florida have mischaracterized Amendment 2 as a “tax cut,” but this could not be further from the truth. Voting “yes” on Amendment 2 will only keep permanent the system that’s been in place for years since voters approved the current cap in 2008.

What Will Happen if it Does Not Pass?

If Amendment 2 doesn’t pass and the cap isn’t renewed, certain property taxes could increase by unlimited amounts every year. Local businesses could see their property taxes increase by 30%, 50% or even higher. Renters could also see their rents skyrocket as landlords pass the extra taxes on to them. Passing Amendment 2 will protect these groups and more.

If Amendment 2 does not pass, nearly 250,000 properties in our area could see property tax increases. And it’s not just renters who will feel the pain, the entire state will feel the impact from the increased the cost of doing business.

How Can I Help Spread the Word?

We need YOUR to help spread the word about this important ballot measure! RASM has secured a generous stack of Amendment 2 road signs for you to display in front of your home or office. We encourage you pick up a sign to show your support on preventing a property tax increase. Pick up as many signs as you need from the north or south office.

Contact Government Affairs Director Max Brandow for more information.